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I am in the process of getting a tattoo of one of my favorite mathematical statements on my left arm. I wish the ink were dry so that I could offer a picture as proof of my fondness for the subject, but until the local ink-wells open up a bit more you’ll have to take my word for it.

I have a fairly sizeable investment in Ethereum and a smattering of smaller investments in other coins. I have written my own crappy Bitcoin implementation using the whitepaper as my guide just to make sure I know how it works. I…

“Enigma Machine” | School of Mathematics — University of Manchester

I am a huge fan of Mozilla.

While Google sets the open web ablaze on the altar of mammon and Microsoft is both creating fires and putting them out, Apple sits in the corner and twiddles its many, many beautifully designed thumbs. Mozilla, however — original visionary of the browser-as-OS: Mozilla is the OG and, I pray, the Future. Mozilla will unite us. Mozilla is the Once and Future King. In the fractured Kingdoms of Men, Mozilla is Strider, the heir of Isildur: Mozilla is Aragorn II Elessar Telcontar.

I have learned more from MDN than from probably any other…

As anyone that has checked a checkbox in a game engine can tell you (forgive the slurping sound — sarcasm is dripping from my chin), there are two main approaches to 3D lighting: forward and deferred. I’m a man of many, many (man, so many) useless metaphors and today’s Metaphor of the Day is no exception: let me introduce forward vs deferred thinking.

Forward lighting is brilliantly self-descriptive: you charge forward into every calculation and hope you have carried with you everything you may need. What color is this teensy little bit of chair? “Why it’s simply [MASSIVE EQUATION INVOLVING…

I’m currently building my third engineering organization. This means that on three separate occasions someone thought “this seems like a good idea” while handing me, an obvious joke of a man, a set of keys to their precious property.

Long ago, when my dad handed me the keys to our family’s VW Vanagon so that freshly-licensed-16-year-old-Ben could drive us home from church, I promptly ran into a curb with such force that our front tire exploded. After what is perhaps my second most humiliating tire change, my dad still had me drive the rest of the way home.

Is this…

Benjamin Jordan

Hands on tech leader, specializing in realtime multiplayer gaming and augmented reality. CTO @BigRunStudios, former CTO @Enklu, Studio Tech Director @NCSOFT.

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